Industries and Bottling plants

Issues and Challenges
  • Industries need good water for their process, wastage through RO is almost 60%
  • Discharge norms getting stronger and industry is moving to ZLD concept
  • ZLD gets cost effective if water wastage is reduced
  • Bottling plants are growing at 40% year on year for drinking water application
  • Each bottling plant wastes almost 60% of raw water in its treatment process – leading to increased cost and lower margins
  • Government imposing huge penalties for water wastage
Existing treatment process with RO

Existing treatment process with RO

When Plimmer is used as Pre-treatment for RO

When Plimmer is used as Pre-treatment for RO

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Savings achieved
  • The amount of water recovered is close to 80% as against traditional method where it is just 40%
  • Amount of chemicals used is very less. Since Plimmer removes most of hardness the need for Anti Scalant chemicals and other pre-treatment for RO is reduced substantially
  • The membranes has a longer life time since the RO system gets treated water
  • Total Yield from the RO system is much higher
  • The total drain quantity is much less and easily managable