AquaSphere Launches Plimmer 4G - The Water Treatment Plant Using IoT (Internet of Things)

AquaSphere today launched Plimmer® 4G the next generation water treatment system using Internet of Things. (IoT).

The new system comes with an innovative user interface that is web enabled. Using which users from anywhere can monitor and operate the plant.

Users will be able to access the system through a tab, smartphone or computer using the web interface . All functionalities of the machine including setup, status and performance parameters can be views using this screen.

Aqua Web monitoring

Web monitoring

Using the concept of Internet of Things (IoT), Aquasphere has also launched a web based Support Platform that will help technicians monitor and maintain the plant from anywhere.

Using this Platform, It is possible to:

  • Get Online Status of Water Centre, including water quality and quantity produced by each centre
  • Maintenance and Breakdown report
  • Proactive maintenance by Support centers
  • Remote Servicing in case of Emergency

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